Abit KG7

Anybody know when the release date is for this board? I am really chomping at the bit to start building my new system (been 2 years since last one was built). Tribes 2 brought current system to its knees, big time! Cannot have that : ).

Here's the plan:
MOBO: Abit KG7 - Raid
Hard drives: 2 30 gig IBM Deskstar 75GXPs
Soundblaster live platinum(have)
DVD-RW (need to research)
500 mB RAM (Crucial?) DDR
AMD 1.33MHz
Case: Antec SX1030
Global WIN fan
Vid Card: Geforce 3
OpSys: WIN2000

Any comments/suggestions welcome


EAT MY LASER!!! (Tribes 1 thing)
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  1. I think the board should be out this month. I think Crucail is where you should get your memory. I had just order a stick of 256 MB PC2100 from them the price is low and they deliver the memory very fast. I had read some reviews on their PC1600 module and the review said it is very overclockable.
    I am current using a Antec SX1030 case. It is very easy to work with.
  2. Thanx upec, A friend of mine turned me on to that case, looks to be the easiest one to work around in that I have seen. Cannot wait to get all this.

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