Deskjet 1220c : Printing Super A3 size / Print Quality

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I have an A3 graphic which i am printing on the super A3 (nobi - 13x19")
sized paper.

When I print using the official HP software, it doesn't look as bold and
crisp as when I print via the minidriver that winXP installs when it finds
the printer. I enabled "photo mode" in the minidriver (2400x1200dpi), i
think this was what makes the colours look better.

However, when I use the minidriver, it stops the print 14" down the page
every time, therefore cutting off the bottom of the image. This is with the
super A3 setting for the paper.

I want the rich, bold colours of the minidriver but with the full image

Any ideas? Perhaps a way to enable the better print mode from the standard
drivers? Or a way to stop the minidriver cutting off the bottom of the

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)


    The weird thing is, if i take the exact same file, same print settings and
    same paper, i CAN print the whole A3 image when i draw a rectangle over the
    image (ie i replace the image with a black outline rectangle of the same

    Any ideas?

    - sorry to reply to my own post :)
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