New video card, issues?

I just bought a msi oc gtx 560 and i have been getting a ton more fps than my old gtx 260 but I thought I would get more. I also upgraded my CPU to an AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4GHZ so it wont bottleneck but im not sure if my video card is bottle necking or not. My hard drive is incredibly old at least 5 years and hasn't been defragged in a very long time and I was thinking my hard drive may be slowing down my computers overall capability (im thinking of buying a new one). Also I was hoping people could give me some tips for getting more fps besides the turn off a/a and vsync. Thanks.
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  1. What ARE your FPS? Which game(s), what res, which settings? Maybe they're what you should expect. The HD may slow down gaming, but not by constantly dropping FPS. You would see some pausing/stutter as content is read off the drive. But mostly, once a level is done loading, the HD doesn't have that much to do.
    The Phenom won't bottleneck the GPU IMO.
  2. Generally about 110 fps. L4D1. 1280x960. All high settings and 4x4 a/a. Maybe those are the fps I would be getting. Are there any tips to help my fps other than ingame settings?
  3. Seems OK, maybe slightly on the low side. Switch to a higher resolution though, your 560 isn't getting tired running so low res :) Give it something to stretch its legs.
    Also, what's your detailed spec? Barring any strange hardware issues, you just have to do the usual stuff- keep your rig and OS clean, make sure you've got the latest drivers, prevent any conflicts. Always pays to check if there aren't newer drivers available for the stuff you don't always check. Like the chipset, or a new BIOS. They CAN make a big difference.
    Check if L4D doesn't require tweaks in Nvidia's control panel. Take a look through benchmarks, see how you compare. Check and compare the performance of other games as well.
    But in general, if your OS is in good condition, all you really need to do is switch to a higher resolution, you really should.
  4. AMD Phenom 2 x4 965 CPU
    GA-MA790X-UD4P motherboard
    4 gigs ddr2 ram
    Antec Earthwatts 650 powersupply
    300gb harddrive (5 years old)
    Vista 64

    Im going to buy a new harddrive and windows 7 pretty soon. I just updated my chipset drivers about to do bios, thanks for the replies.
  5. Well, like I said, FPS generally seem fine to me and respectable, too. Good decision to get a new HDD and Win 7, but remember that 95% of gaming performance improvement will be attributable to a fresh OS install. Win 7 is friendlier to a gamer than Vista, but don't expect miracles.
    Something you might want to check- memory speed & timings. While your mobo doesn't support DDR3, I see it can go up to 1333, which is bloody fast for DDR2, actually faster than the slower DDR3 modules. So poke around in BIOS, if you find your memory to be running @ 800, the potential gains can be worth tweaking the timings and speed. Again- you won't see a miracle happen, but every little helps.
    Also, since the mobo supports Xfire but not SLI, maybe consider selling the 560 and going all-out AMD with dual Radeons?
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