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I was told the best version was 4.28 but I can't manage to find it on since they only leave the latest verion (4.29). What do you recommend, looking for 4.28 or downloading 4.29 ? If you think 4.28 is the way to go, I'd really like a link. Thanks a lot !

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  1. for me best ones were and will be - none

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. Hunt around on the asus ftp. They are there, back in a hole somewhere. I've gotten better results with 4.29 than I did with <4.29, but I also use win2k. Win98 has always worked good with the 4-in-1, on a a7v133.
  3. check out in the drives section they have just about all the 4n1 drivers.

  4. 4.29 didn't work well in my pc. Problems occured with the PCI bridge and on DVD players (software). (Especially with ATI VGA drivers)
    I think 4.28 are more stable and "clean". Most people think that.

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  5. I had problems with 4.28. HDTach and Scandisk both generated DMA errors with these drivers. I reverted to 4.26 until 4.29v(a) (now just 4.29) became available. No DMA errors with this version. AGP 4X is stable. Those are the only issues that I have had with Via 4-in-1 drivers. Now they are both resolved.

    I'm using Windows 98SE an Abit KT7 motherboard. Results may be different with other boards and other versions of Windows.
  6. A7V133, Win2K, Geforce Ultra Via 4in1 4.29 - rock solid.

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  7. K7V, win2k, GeForce2 MX, every f***ing version of 4in1 I can find - crashes, interspersed with the occasional lockup
  8. You can get the 4.28 4in1 drivers at out the 694D Pro mobo for the download.

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  9. just put up some new 4n1 drivers 4.30. Dont know if they are good so use them at your own risk.

  10. Thanks for all your replies guys. It's really funny, I haven't received my computer yet (and/or lost my time on setting these drivers) and already begin to hate VIA LOL.

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  11. Thanks for the tip Sandman!!

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  12. Thanx Sandman...installed the new .30`s and are running rock solid...just like the old ones...IWILL and VIA great stable combination especially with my 40gig WD ATA 100 too!

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