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just recently got me some copy's of the first 3 resident evil games. well after installing the first game it runs but it skips all the cut scenes. i have sound and i havent tried switch graphics card's in the video settings but i dont think that would effect the cut scenes? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are these legal copies?
  2. I dunno my friend brought them over after watching me play re4 he had a disc and installed them.
  3. ''he had a disc and installed them''

    All on one disc? if so there copys, prob had the vid's cut out for smaller size
  4. he says they should be there. I honestly don't know where its from. any suggestions?
  5. dude my rig surely surpasses the requirements of resident evil 1 2 3 code veronica 4 and probably 5 also. Just the cut scenes dont work.
  6. i'll tell you right now resident evil 123and 4 dosen't have anything on 5 you need alot of power my desktop has an nvidia geforce 6150se nforce430 and it will come on but moves slowly and my hp dv7 has a nvidia geforce 9600gt and plays like a champ in plus if your pc is a newer system you dont have to update settings in should plung n play system
  7. and just to add my dv7 plays the cut sences to dosen;t skip them
  8. check to see if the game is installed right
  9. im running vista 64 a geforce 460gtx over clocked 4gb of ram and i have my intel q6600 quad core overclocked to 3.3ghz i can run them all. im thinking its a codec problem.
  10. if it wasnt installed right it wouldnt run?
  11. not codecs as all videos play from with in the games directory. so they are all there and can be played.
  12. I actually got them to work :) but now a new problem has shown up. Everything seems to be running double the normal speed. I don't think gameplay is but cut scenes in game engien such as the conversation Jill Chris and wesker have as soon as they are in the main hall of the mansion run at double speed. The voice acting plays correctly but the animations are ridiculously fast. Any suggestions on this?
  13. Try forcing v-sync on in your graphics control pannel, i had the game running to fast to but couldnt be bothered fixing as i have all 3 on ps1 and 4 for pc. This game was designed to run on win95 with 100mhz pc so expect to run into problems on a 2-3ghz rig that it wont reckognise.
  14. Force v synch great idea.
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