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I am thinking of getting a HP i5-430M with turbo boost that has HD5470 switchable graphics card. Will it play WOW on medium to high?
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  1. Doubtful.

    The Mobility HD 5470 is a very weak card. It is slower than the desktop version of the HD 5450 which is the slowest card in the HD 5xxx series.
  2. WoW? The game is 7 years old, it won't take that much to run it.

    Yes, you will be able to run it just fine. When I started playing it, I was using an onboard ATI card from 2005, and it ran fine, eve with the new engine updates.

    Even now, I still play it on an All-in-One PC (HP Touchsmart 600-1350), it has the type of CPU that doubles as an integrated GPU, and it still runs fine on High.

    It lags sometimes when there are a lot of particles on the screen, but otherwise, it's fine.
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