KT133A, IBM, SBLive and Win2K ?


I was plannig to buy an AMD Athlon 1Gigs, Abit KT133A MB, SBLive, and GeForce2 MX 32megs.

But I heard a lot of stories about VIA chipset troubles :
- bad harddrive performance with Win2K
- blue screen of death when moving large files. Happens more frequently with IBM DTLA drives and becomes worse with SBLive PCI card installed.

Is that correct ? Is there a fix ? Does it happen with non-Abit MB ? Actually, I can't change the IBM drive or work with something else than win2k...

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. I have an Athlon 1.2 @ 1266, Abit KT7A (KT133A), SBLive, GF2 Ultra, Windows 2000, and an IBM 45GB ATA100 HD. Everything works fine. However, Window 2000 assumes you have an ATA66 HD which causes a huge slowdown (at least with the hardware I have..), but that can be fixed by going here:
    Also, a little problem with Athlon/2K but it can be fixed by putting something in the registry. The URL To that is here:

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the help !
    That certainly avoids me running a slow system without knowing where it comes from !
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