Can you solve my BC2 problem? :-/

Hello, so i just installed BFBC2 and runs everything maxed out smoothly

the problem is that the weapon, faces and flags textures are jumping rapidly around the screen making the game unplayable.

I've tried updating/backdating graphic drivers, run virus program,cc cleaner, turned down all settings, tried windowed mode and even reinstalled the game, but nothing has worked so far


SYSTEM (4 months old)

Windows 7 64 bit
ATI 6850
AMD Phenom II 965
4gb Ram

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do have the same problem in any other games ?
  2. have you overclocked your gpu? it looks like its artifacting due to stress, either to much heat, or to high an overclock.

    try turning your fan up manually via the ccc overdrive panel. if that doesnt help try turning down the clocks to stock (i mean the stock values of the reference card if yours is factory oc'd)

    have you cleaned your system? if its in a bed room it will be full of dust after 4 months...
    what case do you have your system in?
  3. I had troubles in one game. Not that one though. The 11.3 drivers fixed it. Did you try enabling vsync ? And you said it handled everything maxed out. Try lowering your settings. Could be too much going on for your card to handle. .... I had trouble with a 5850 in that game. Couldn't run it maxed. My 6950 has no problems.
  4. Hello people, thank you for your answers!

    @Gman450 - I've had similar problems in other games yes, In Civilization V I get some sort of glitchy texture in special dialog scenes with other civilizations (I don't know if you know the game). Other than that I've had a bit of troubes in minecraft too with bugging textures.. Allthough these are not legal copies and I've told my self it might be due to a bad crack. BC2 is fully legal and purchased though! I also have some "tearing/glitching/bugging" or whatever it's called when just using my computer for regular stuff.

    Heres a screenshot of that for you:

    as you (I hope) can see in the picture, theres some tearing in the safari "tabs bar", the windows process line and then a bit on frame on this thread. This graphic bug seems to accelerate when I scroll the mouse but occurs when theres no activity too.

    @HEXiT - I havn't overclocked anything about my computer since I'm really not a computer-person-guy, I think of computer parts as the most fragile thing and I don't want to mess with it :-) I have allthough unlocked my CCC - overdrive option to adjust the fan-speed because I confused the activity bar with the fan-speed and though it was at 0% when I looked. I know It's a mess but I did this after the bugs began to occur.

    I've checked my heat when playing BC2 and it peaks at about a 82*C, which I think is an awful lot?

    I cleaned my whole computer yesterday with an highpower-aircompressor (while of course making sure not to blow up the fan) and there sure was a lot of dust in the graphics card and processor fan. allthough I didn't seem to solve the problem.

    About putting it back to stock settings, how do I know if its OC'ed? I didn't change no settings and I think it should be completely stock.

    @Swifty_Morgan - I've tried messing with the settings a little bit, if I put VSYNC on another bug occurs that is much worse, something that makes the whole sky area and some other things completely black.

    I could try playing a bit more with the settings to make sure..

    I have updated my drivers a couple of days ago to the 11.3, so that's unfortunatly not the problem.. I also tried to install a couple of older drivers after advice on another forum, didn't help either so I updated it again.

    I don't know if I believe my card should have any trouble handeling it since I ran it about 3 months ago in full settings with no trouble at all.

    Again, thanks for the answers everybody..! I appreaciate it :-)

    I though about maybe reinstalling my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit. and see if that helped? I might have some virus or corrupted files that affect my computer.. The internet is so smudging.. ;-)
  5. Open up the catalyst control panel and adjust settings.

    let application decide where you can. standard filter. AA mode to performance ( multi-sample ) no triple buffering.
  6. Thanks but as I think I said earlier all the settings are already stock, default, standard.. whatever you wanna call it :-)
  7. Looks like its the problem with your GPU or OS. Was it like this when you first bought the GPU ?
  8. GamerNiko said:
    Thanks but as I think I said earlier all the settings are already stock, default, standard.. whatever you wanna call it :-)

    As with nvidia, ati isn't always set the lowest you can get . Take a look in the control panel. Don't just take for granted everything is set to lowest on install. Check the refresh rate and resolution of your monitor. Forcing it to run where it shouldn't can also have this effect. otherwise scrap the card...... try another if you can.
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