How to connect TP-LINK and D-link wireless router?

Hi I'm attempting to hook up a Mac OSX 10.6 to a TP-Link WR740N ver 2.5, FCC V2. I can't connect to the WEB management web site through the router and my DSL which is connected won't access it. Apparently I need to contact that page to get to the CLONE MAC feature....I'm having a Catch 22 experience. Can anyone help me out?

'frustrated and bewildered'
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  1. I would start by resetting the router to factory defaults, this will erase all settings in your router. This is generally done by pressing a paperclip into a very small hole somewhere on the router for usually 10 seconds. Then hook an ethernet cable up to the router and the other end to your Mac, open a web browser and try going to this should bring up the web interface. At that point you most likely just need to hook up the line coming from your dsl modem into the wan port on the router, you probably will need to pull the power on the dsl modem, and then plug it back in for the modem to assign an ip to your router. Your connection is probably working at that point, and you can setup whatever other options you need from within the web interface.

    If you are still having issues post what has happened after trying the above.
  2. Thank you, tomatthe, your advice is the same as the instructions that came with the router. And it's finally working. But I have a new problem. The iPod Touch I bought the router for originally, works as long as the computer is turned off. If I have the iPod and computer on at the same time, I loose control of my mouse, the cursor floats all over the page and refuses to behave until I turn the iPod off?? Bizarre! I also cannot locate the iPod in iTunes anymore to add music. Not sure if thats the router or the OSX 10.6 I installed, it's making a lot of my old software squirrelly, its most likely a ploy to make us buy the latest Upgrades. BUT I WILL figure this out. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
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