Will my PC play metro 2033 (steam sale for 10 bucks)

So metro 2033 is on sale at steam for 9.99 until later today, was just wondering if my PC would play this game.

windows xp 32 bit
amd phenom II x4 840
4gb ram
nvidia gt240 512 gddr5

Ive tried lookin up benchmarks but my GPU never shows on any lists, so wondering if its too old to play this game.
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  1. forget about it.
  2. at lowest settings
  3. you should be fine on medium depending on screen resolution, gt240 is roughly 9600gt level
  4. You could run it, but you will have to tone down the graphics settings and possibly the resolution...
  5. What res?

    Of course the settings won't be very high but it'll definitely run. Hell they have it running on consoles!
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