Does Command and Conquer Generals run on Windows 7 64 bit?

I got a new Rig sometime ago. I generally have realy new/high graphics games. But Generals is a game from my childhood and i just cant let go of it. Will it run? Dont worry about the specs. Its overkill for even Crysis Warhead or Metro 2033.
Thanks :)
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  1. i have c'n'c the first 10 years and as far as i know its only red alert 2 that wont install on anything other than xp.
    it will depend on which installer you have if its the original 16bit 1 then no it wont install if its the 1 from the multipack i have it will.
  2. hmm ..I'm not sure which installer it is ..
    how do I get the multipack one you mentioned ..??
  3. its called command and conquer the first decade.
    its a compilation released by ea and will be on the ea store. amazon have it for £6.99

    the only thing i can suggest is to try it...
    update i had a look on the c'n'c forums and theres a guy on there that says he has it working (the 1 you want) perfectly on win7 64. do get it , install it and relive your classic game...

    he does qualify his answer with "he has the 1.03 patch installed"
  4. ohh I have to buy another one :( ..anyway to get without paying again ..?
  5. More than likely a modder in the CnC forums have managed to port it to Windows 7 if it doesn't work right from the start.
    I had the standalone and it worked fine, although I use Windows 7 Ultimate. The best thing is to install and try, then delete if you can't find a patch or it just doesn't work.
  6. you tried it on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ..? that's what I have ..?
    I just took my generals CD out and u find the damn thing is scratched beyond recognition ..guess ill have to but that first decade pack ..
    btw ..has anyone of you had problems installing command and conquer 3 on 64 bit ..
    hexit you answered that question for me on an other thread originally it wouldn't install ..but today I managed to install it ..but after about 15 gamepkay on skirmish ans on various maps playing gdi ..the game crashes. I've tried about 10 times so far ..but no luck ..
  7. try patching it.
  8. is the game by any chance just under 2 GB on disk ..?
  9. CnC general will definitely run on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. Even if you have that old cd installer. For 64bit you just have to make it on compatibility mode (xp2 or xp3) so that the In-Game-Menu won't go static. I know this because I have mod these games (Generals and Zero hour: patch or without patch/update) using win 7 Ultimate 32bit and 64bit. CnC 3 runs perfectly fine on my rig both on Win 7 32bit and 64bit even without any patch or update.
  10. thanx i couldnt be bothered to install it to see if there was a problem ;)
  11. so ..generals and cnc3 install properly on win 7 ultimate 64 ..?
    can ya tell me what's the size of command and conquer 3 setup and installed on disk installed 1.75 GB on mine ..and keeps crashing ..
  12. Command and Conquer 3 tiberium wars is 7gb when installed.
  13. install as administrator and maybe xp compatibility if you have the option.
  14. I have CNC to. but mine is RA2.... it's often report error when I open in XP or 7. I think that game is like this to....
  15. red alert 2 should work on xp without issue. so its unlikely.
  16. 7gb ..? i dont undeestand ..mine only installed 2gb ..!
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