BBC2 not connecting to online servers...

Just did major upgrade... new MB, cpu, mem, and SSD.... re-installed all software today.... our game 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' will NOT connect to the game servers w/ error "failed to login, try later... 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' connected w/ no probs... What's up?
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  1. the ea server back end may be having problems. try again in about 6 hours or
    if you have a server then ask the server provider if there is any issues as they are often first to know.

    if you dont have 1 try a server providers forums. is a good place to get such info.
  2. EA are great for knackering their server browser with "patches". Try going to the history tab or joining on a friend. Currently when I browse for servers it disconnects my account and I have to login again, works fine via history or joining on someone else tho, I figure EA will patch again soon enough and it will sort itself.
  3. Solved.

    When BBC2 asks for login PW, put in incorrect one. Asks again. Then enter correct PW. Voila....

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