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I am running Win7 Ult x64 with ATI HD4550 card, no probs for over a year, recently something has happened that means the HDMI port is no longer recognised as valid audio output, think it might have been related to Catalyst CC upgrade.

Rolled back upgrade, rolled back drivers, removed card, uninstalled all ATI software, re-installed, no change, tried old drivers, tried old CCC, Win7 still reckons there are no speakers connected.

Sound device mgr does see ATI card, I can set as default but I cant configure, no response on click, properties all fine, reporting as working correctly.

Running Realtek 3d mgr, HDMI is not listed in on right hand side as it used to be, this is consistent with the port not carrying audio.

This is driving me nuts, about to buy another video card however something is telling me Win is just be obstinate and there will be something somewhere deep down to I can set to fix this.....

Anyone seen this?
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  1. use CCCleaner, the start over
  2. Hi, tried that, no difference.

    Should also say that taskbar sound control tells me no speakers are plugged in.....
  3. When installing CCC do a custom install and uncheck HDMI Audio Drivers.
  4. Try another HDMI cable. Could just be yours has had it, especially if you got a cheap one. Unfortunately, not all HDMI cables are created equal since the standard is rather lax.
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