Installing new mobo means new drivers??

Ok I am planning to install a new MOBO and processor into my computer. Also after this, I plan on formatting me HD and do a clean install of Win2k. OK let me get to the point. I have a dvd drive, cd-rw, sound card, ethernet card, disk drive. Will I need to reinstall drivers for these cards?? BEcause I dont have the installation disk for any of them...they came with my computer. Or is it all plug and play??? thank you
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  1. When you format then your hd is empty so no drivers on there. Win2k cd MAY have the drivers for your stuff. Or you can download them from their websites or when win2k sees the new hardware you can set it to search windows update for the drivers.
  2. Win2K isn't all that great in terms of having the best drivers for your products - it's probably better to install the most recent drivers for things like your sound card.

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  3. they are plug and play up to a point...i doubt you will need any drivers for the hard drive, dvd, or cd-rw. the ethernet card might be recognized by windows but it would probably be best to find the drivers for it, and especially the sound card, before you do a clean install. otherwise, the only other drivers you would need are the 4in1 drivers if you are installing a mobo with a via chipset. since you have a cd-rw drive, download all the drivers you think you might need and put them on a cd so you have them after you format your hard drive. also, remember to either unzip them first or include a zip program on the cd so you can read the files (most drivers are zipped) after the clean install.
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