"Access Denied" error browsing certain folders

I have searched many articles/forums and can't seem to find a good answer for this problem. Basically, I have two computers running XP Home that see each other just fine. One, my laptop, has SP2 and cannot browse the account profile folder in the Documents and Settings folder of the other computer (desktop running SP1).

I can browse all other non-essential folders on the desktop's hard drive and access files. I just can't get to the account profile desktop folder, even through the All Users folder. This XP Home with SP1 is a recent install and the desktop system has no trouble accessing the account profile folder (and its desktop folder) of the laptop. I tried removing sharing and re-enabling it to no avail. Anybody have any ideas that will not compromise any normal security settings? Thanks.
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  1. That is an easy fix in xp pro, just disable simple file sharing and add guest to the security on the file. I'm not sure that is possible in home edition. You might be able to access it from safe mode but I'm not sure. I've never owned home edition myself to fiddle with it.

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