How to increase the size of c drive

I have toshiba c650 with windows7 home basic.i want to increase the size of c drive.if you could advised me how can i increase the size of c drive shrinking from d drive it would be so advantage for me
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  1. Apparently you have a single 250GB HD, partitioned into a "C" and "D" drive. If so,

    1) You can move things to the D drive to free up space (Swap file, installed programs can be uninstalled off C and reinstalled on D)


    2) You can use software like this to re-size the partitions:

    Trial version should work for you.
  2. We did that recently with an aging 875 chipset:

    Download and install the Partition Wizard freeware:

    Move the starting point of the D: partition by the
    same amount by which you want to enlarge C: .

    After that task is finished, then you can enlarge C:
    by that very same amount.

    In our example, our C: started out at 10GB
    but it eventually filled up with Windows Updates etc.

    The rest of our 300GB HDD had D: and E: partitions.

    I moved the starting point of D: by 10GB, thus
    shrinking it by that amount.

    That took quite a while, because D: had a lot of drive images,
    but it finished perfectly.

    Then, it was a cinch to enlarge C: from 10GB to 20GB.

    I hope this helps.

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