Which games from 2008 and 2009 work good with 360 controller?

Here is my situation. I haven't been a PC Gamer for 10 years now. Just played console games the last 10 years. I'm in the process of building a gaming PC, and I'm interested in playing a bunch of games from 2008, 2009 and 2010. Basically, I primarily want to play console ports, just with much higher resolutions and all visual effects turned on. I'm not a keyboard and mouse guy. I used a Keyboard and Mouse back in the Unreal 1 (the original game) days, but I've gotten used to using a controller, and I'll be kicking back on my sofa, not at a computer desk. Here is a list of games I'm interested in playing on the PC, but I have zero idea whether any of these games will work particularly well with a Xbox 360 controller:

Fallout 3 - with the high-rez texture pack


Mirror's Edge

Batman Arkham Asylum

Far Cry 2

Orange Box

Bioshock 1

Crysis 1

Crysis Warhead

DiRT 2

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 2

Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 2

as you can tell by this list, most of these are console games that I played on the Xbox 360 or PS3, but I didn't completely finish any of them, and some of them only scratched the surface. I've seen screenshots of a few of these games running on the PC, and they look considerably better than their console versions, so that's one of the main reasons I want to play these, but I'd love to focus in on the ones that work better with a 360 gamepad, rather than Keyboard and Mouse. I know that most people will think I'm totally crazy for wanting to play any of the PC shooters with a gamepad, but again, I'm going to be kicking back on a sofa, not sitting at a computer desk, so there is the whole ergonomical situation to consider. I don't mind using a mouse for my aiming, but I'm not at all looking forward to using WASD for 3D movement.
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  1. I'm playing darksiders with a 360 controller right now. Working good so far.

    I use my keyboard and mouse for 90% of my gaming though so I cant help you much on the others. Especially the First person shooters.

    Some other recommendations if your looking for good "controller" games are Grid, and prototype.

    EDIT: Oh and Trine was sweet with a controller too.
  2. they will all work with the 360 controller some better than others. the games for windows live 1 will auto select the controller when the game starts. the rest, you may have to configure it.

    i know they all work as i have personally played all of them.
  3. A lot of these games are on steam. If you go to the game screen, on the right side column, it will specify stuff like "single player", "coop", and such. There, it also lists "controller compatable".
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