Re-install problem in Batman Arkam Asylum

Dear friends,

I played Batman Arkam Asylum game on my PC and completed upto 11 percent. but game freezed at one point.

I unstalled the game from computer.

When I again copied the game from DVD and tried to install. the dialog box which open have all the components such as play game , load direct x and other few things on which i can click. but install game option is not in click mode. due to which i am unable to load game.

Many times i have copied the game from DVD but still result are same.

Please tell what could be problem due to which this install game option is not clickable.


Phenom X2 550 (3.1 ghz), 4 GB ddr 2, 500 GB harddisk, GTS 450
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  1. Could you be a bit more specific Vijay.

    As mouse24 asked you, why did you copy the contents of the DVD ?Just install the game again.
  2. i have just bought Batman:Arkham Asylum and i have problem with the game’s installation. I have played it for 10 percent completer then I unstalled it . and Now I want to install it again but in the Autorun screen card the button Install Game is not active.

    In addition, when i push the button Game Setup there is a message which says “autorun-the specified file was not found”. I hope you may understand my problem.
  3. What about the uninstall or Play button ? Are they active, or none ? Seems like almost all the files might not have been erased from your hard drive. Ok, just make a back up of the save games that you have, then delete them from My documents. Also, delete all the files from where you have installed the game, including the folder. If you have contenets copied rom the DVD to your hard drive, delete them too.

    Insert the disk, and check if the problem is resolved.
  4. did you uninstall it or delete it... if you deleted it the pc still thinks its installed so you will have to run something like ccleaner to clean your registry. then run the installer again. if your using vista or win7 make sure you do it under run as admin.
  5. Go into the "INT" folder on the install disc and run "setup.exe".
  6. Hi, I have similar problem, but when i click setup.exe in INT folder as kleenexfromhell suggested, it asks me if i want to remove selected aplication, I click Yes and i get error 0x80040702 faled to load DLL: FirewallInstallerHelper, setup will now terminate and that's it. I tried Ccleaner but no luck...
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