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i hava cricket 2002.and i hane os = xp .duelcore ram = 2 gb..adapter ram = 256 mb. but game is not playing after loading. game automatic quite after loading.
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the game ?
  2. yeah. i tried buit nothing happens
  3. does game affect by direct x version ?
  4. the game starts but it starting video is not clear means it give three pattern of every objct in the video
  5. Could be a direct X problem.
    Did you experience similar problems with any other games ?
  6. install the dx7.8.9 that came on the disk.
  7. The game may not be able to handle a muticore processor very well. If this is an AMD cpu, adding /usepmtimer to the boot.ini file can sometimes help.
  8. i have direct x9b. and IN direct x diagnosis, i have perform all the test but it does not show any problem . no other game in my pc gives any type of problem. that game has of only 500mb size only.
  9. Is the game a legal copy or you have downloaded it?
  10. sry..* i have direct x9.0c.
  11. yeah .that is original copy .actully. that is my friend game and it runs fine on my friend pc
  12. Maybe this game is ripped and it's not your original copy so you are almost out of luck here.
  13. no is original copy. that particular game runs fine on my friends computer.but it creating problem in my computer... pls help..
  14. Well, if its not your copy, don't take it from your friend. Buy the game, don't take it from your friend.
  15. just because you have dx 9 installed it doesnt mean you have all the components of 7 or 8. if its an older game you will still need to update the dx files as you should with every new game you install.
  16. if i have dx9.then there is a need to install dx7 or 9 ?.....i confermed you that my game is original game of ea sports.. but non other game in my computer giver any type of problem..i perform all the test in dx shows no problem found.
  17. Just install DX9 again.
    The problem is that, duting 2001 there wasn't DX9, only DX8 or DX7, all you have to do, is let the isntaller , once it finished installing, bring up a dialog box asking you whether or not to install direct X. Just check on install.
  18. ALSO
    This does not mean your Direct X version will downgrade from DX9 to DX8 or 7.
    What it does is that it checks if your system has a better version of Direct X installed, and since in this case there is a better version for you , its important you run the Direct X isntaller. Don't skip it.
  19. Hawkeye22 said:
    The game may not be able to handle a muticore processor very well. If this is an AMD cpu, adding /usepmtimer to the boot.ini file can sometimes help.

    .how to add (boot.ini) this file
  20. okk.i have tried dx which came in game CD but it shows succesfully installed.
  21. rajan66 said:
    .how to add (boot.ini) this file

    This works in XP.

    Right-click "my computer" and select properties. Go to the advanced tab. under "startup and recovery", click settings. Under system settings, click the edit button. There will be a line that looks something like this:

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

    Add /usepmtimer to the end of that line and save the file. If it doesn't work for you, you can always remove that setting.
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