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What games can i play

Hi all@TH,
Il start with the bad news, i was enjoying a game of css over my lan network but then the other pc went blank, turned out its 7600gs (agp) card had died, the crappy push pin cooler had came off. Now the good news, i poped to the ebay site and found that agp cards are now a damn rip off but was lucky and found a 9800pro for £3 lol.
Im still waiting on delivery but was wondering what games id be able to play still over the lan and or just single player? Its been along time since ive had a pc of its spec so im rusty on what it can manage and that its the first 9800pro iv had.
Here are the 2nd pc's specs (my sig is my main pc)

cpu - athlonxp 2800+ @2.1ghz/333mhz fsb
ram - crucial 512mb ddr400@333mhz
Mboard - Asrock k7S14GX
Sound - Creative audigy 2 Platinum EX
gpu - Saphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
psu - 520w Atrix Extreme

My main prefered games are fps and racing, the odd 3rd person, anything good really :D
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  1. You might want to consider a bit more RaM and a better GPU in the future.

    Look at games like Doom 2 & 3
    Unreal tournament 2003
    Warcraft 2 & expansion

    You can download some online games like Combat Arms (just google its free)

    Wolftenstein Enemy Territory is also free

    Deus Ex 1

    Quake 2 & 3.

    Command and Conquer 1

    Just some ideas.. Look at the requirements before hand but these should be close to on par with this system.
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    pkw4 said:
    My main prefered games are fps and racing, the odd 3rd person, anything good really :D

    I don't know my old AMD processors too well, but I actually used to have that exact video card and, if I'm picturing the timeframe of that hardware correctly, you'd probably be able to do well with some of the early Steam stuff. Of course, when talking lan and fps in that generation, my mind would immediately shoot to the original counterstrike, and for single player, the classic half life.

    I took a look at some of the minimum specs for Source-age games, too, and it looks like you would probably be able to handle things like Half-life 2 and counterstrike source, at least at playable levels. I also have a friend who swears by some of the early-mid 2000's Wolfenstein games.

    Racing... I'm not so sure about. I haven't done much PC racing, so all I can think of are the modern games that would be a bit much for that system.

    And then various semi-old school classics that come to mind... Diablo II, Morrowind, etc. Depends on your tastes, really!

    I would page through the store here and check out some of the system requirements, maybe download a demo or two.
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  4. i used to have a similar setup and half life 2 played well. oblivion ran but had to have all details turned down. Morrowind ran great. Doom3 will run ok.
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