Any good tricks to move XP to new MB?

My friends AMD KT266a died. I was able to get her OS to boot on an old KT133a system by pressing F5 and booting into safe mode first.

I tried running sysprep and then moving it to a NF2 MB, no dice.

Tried a repair installation, Blue screened before finishing twice, each time cdr4XP_sys was the crashing module.

I was going to give her the NF2 MB cheap, but now she may have to buy a new KT400 MB because I know its possible her OS to boot on that.

Any other tricks?
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  1. Reinstall!
  2. She is a special ed teacher and uses some software program to manage her IEP forms for her student. She no longer has the install discs.

    A reinstall is not always the best solution.
  3. you could try copying the programs folder and running it on another computer. it may run fine.

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  4. I tried it already, it runs but I can't tell if it works because I have no idea how to use it :(.

    I got her OS working 98% on an old KT133 800mhz system, that will give her something to work with until I have time to completely reinstall everything for her.

    BTW I just got a clean install of XP SP2 on the KT133 to move from the to the NF2 using a repair installation.

    It didn't take long to try since I have an unattended XP SP2 install CD.
  5. It definitely better to reinstall the OS. It will perform better and more stable.
  6. I moved her OS to a KT400 with a bad floppy controller I have lying around. I killed the floppy testing someone else's bad floppy drive. It also melted my powersupply's FDD connector. I should never test suspect parts in my good PC for free :(

    I also poped in another hard drive and did an unattened install of XPSP2 & Sandra 2005.

    Sandra Benchmarks were within .5% close enought that I know it was the fact that one OS was loaded with software where the other had only one program installed that made the difference.

    Also the system ran Prime 95 and Sandra's burn in Wizzard for 24 hours with 0 errors and zero warnings.

    Only thing broken is MS Office, Norton Ghost, and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.

    I think Roxio was broke to begin with, although with that program its hard to tell.

    MS Office 2003 and Ghost 2005 both fail due to product activation issues.

    Eventually I will do a clean install of XP SP2 for her, but as I am working for free I won't be doing it until I feel like it :)

    She has friend with a MCSE cert, who don't know crap but insists that her MSCE is somehow makes her more qualified than my 4 year CIS degree (and 7 years of system building/troublshooting). She keeps getting upset because they never ask her for free help.

    I keep telling me friend that an MCSE is definately much better and she obviously knows much more me as my coursework never even mentioned Microsoft and only made passing reference to the x86 architechture.

    Unfortunately my friend won't believe me.

    Anyway apparently there is no performace penalty moving from between KT133a, KT266a & KT400 systems.

    I just upgraded from a NF2 to NF4 and my OS loaded fine, though I had problems with my Optical drives until I loaded the proper NF4 drivers.

    I did a clean install anyway, but I regret not having benchmarked the system. I still have a image of the OS so I can alwasy go back and see.
  7. Just to add to this thread instead of starting another one.

    I cloned the image from my desktop to my laptop and the XP wont even boot!!! It stops on the video card file mx440.sys because I have a MX440 in my desktop and my laptop has a GO6600. Any idea on how to get windows to at least to boot???


  8. Not booting going from a desktop to laptop. That doesnt surprise me at all, lol. About all you could do is either a windows reinstall or clean format.

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  9. LOL....Thats what I thought :D I was just too lazy to reinstall all the programs and video codecs and games onto the laptop. Maybe I'll do a clean install and copy everything over :D See what happens...My laptop now has a better video card than my desktop, it really is a shame..

    Are the 2 solutions equivalent?? ;)
  10. Try

    1) Remove as many drivers as possible defore moving the OS. Yes that means backup up your laptop, uninstalling drivers, then restoring.

    2) Boot into safe mode and uninstalling all the drivers that don't apply to your new MB>


    3) Try a repair install using a SP2 disc (seems to works better than SP1). This will force you to reintall any software with product activation (office XP, NSW 2004-05 ...) and some that interact with your hardware at a low level (True Image 8, SiSofts Sanda). But its much better than reinstalling everything.

    Use an XP CD Key changer to change to your correct CD Key for that machine, unless you go with option 3 in which case setup will ask for a key.
  11. Quote:
    Only thing broken is MS Office, Norton Ghost, and Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.

    My experience with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and SP2 is that the Roxio program does not support SP2 and Roxio has no plans to patch it. I had to upgrade to Easy Media Creator 7. Found it cheap at Also I think version 6 supports SP2...

    ....WW (5.0)
  12. Yes, I am running Roxio CD Creator 6 on XP2 with no problems.

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  13. Nero works much better than Roxio, which has gone downhill since version 4.0. Roxio look pretty and is easy to use, but doesn't give as much control and makes too many system changes that breaks other programs.

    Nero is technically sound, lean, stable and plays nice with others.
  14. Yeah, but Roxio came with my Plextor 712 and works well and is easy to use. Pretty full featured IMO. And not one disc wasted yet.

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  15. Thats mainly my I let my friend keep using Roxio 5.

    I am not recommending that you uninstall Roxio and buy Nero. It obviously works well for most people and if its the only burning software you use then compatibility isn't an issue.

    But all things being equal I would chose a burner bundled with nero over Roxio, and if its on a friends PC which I am troubleshooting I yank it at the first hint of burning trouble.
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