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Hey there!

I got an onboard Realtek soundcard, and on Windows XP I don't have "Stereo Mix" (i need that for Let's Plays/Playthroughs with commentary) and i was wondering if i "Upgrade" i use that word very cautiously since i know Windows Vista isn't much of an upgrade, anyways could this possibly give me stereo Mix? maybe better drivers for Vista/7?

Also Don't tell me to get Windows 7, I Can't my Mobo doesn't support it for some stupid reason and it'll just freeze on Install of it. Unless im installing it wrong.
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    You can enable stereo mix with vista..

    Google reveals people using different methods to enable stereo mix with windows xp but couldn't find anything rock solid. You could search through and see if you find anything.

    What kind of motherboard do you have?
  2. yea but thats an audigy? i have crap realtek. and i have an Em61sm/ Em61Pm its a modfied Foxxcon mobo (for Acer Computer)
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