How to run rush for berlin on windows 7

I got game that works on XP, now I have windows 7 and I want to run it on that but I am having problems installing it. Its Rush For Berlin. Could someone help me out please. Thanks
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  1. No reason to post multiple threads on the subject.

    What exactly are you having problems with? What is happening when you try and run the game?
  2. not compatible!
  3. may have said it 3times before but I'm new here and didn't see it so can you explain to me in laymans terms how to get rush for berlin to play on win7 I don't need to see the screen shots I've played the game before it just won't run on win7. I've run it as admin and that didn't work. Now the new message is contact the manufacture for an unsigned driver? Or a signed driver? Sorry forget which one it said or even what the heck that means.
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