Oblivion Shuts down as soon as its started, prior to first splash screen.

I'm running Windows XP Pro sp2, on an AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core 4200+ at 2.19 GHz with 2G memory and a 500G HDD.

The problem I'm having is somewhere between Oblivion and OBMM.
I install the mods into the OBMM and set the load order with assistance of BASH. I check the game for functionality many times as I'm loading the mods.
Once I get everything the way I want it I start playing the game. At some point (it varies) always during the Tutorial the game crashes TDD, then when I try to restart, it brings up the black screen which is the Bethesda Softworks splash but before Bethesda can come onscreen it flashes once remains black and then Crashes TDD. In order to play the game again I must clear and clean all mods in OBMM and reload them. Ive tried to change the order, leave out all the larger mods and strip it to just the official and unofficial patches but it always does this. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. have you added any expansion packs? coz if you add them in the wrong order the game will crash...

    you may also want to check that the mods your using are stable. some will only work with certain patches. say you install a 1.5 patch to get 1 mod working the mod that needed the 1.4 patch may stop working.
  2. Forgot to mention my vid card, I'm running a GForce 8600Gt.
    Ive taken the mod list down and reloaded a number of things, but once this happens I still have to clear OMBB completly and reload all my mods to get it to run again.
  3. it should work ok on an 86gt as it is a basic gaming card...
    are you running the latest obmm?... you may get a more accurate response if you join this forum its all about oblivion and its mod scene. the guys on there are more than willing to help.
  4. As far as I can tell it is the newest OBMM, I use BOSS, and Bash to integrate what i can and get the load order correct however it still happens.
  5. then its a case of pinpointing which addon is causing the problem and disabling it.
  6. Sorry I havent replied in quite a while, RL has a tendency of interposing it's self. I still havent pinpointed the addon that is causing this ive disabled them all and added them one at a time and still end up with that problem. Once it happens i must clear the entire mod manager and start over before i can run the game again.
  7. Disable your 2nd monitor if you have none (windows key + P), Oblivion does not like duel monitors and it will crash.

    Also disable your joystick/gamepad because that will affect movement.
  8. if you added them 1 by 1 why can't you pin point it?
  9. I end up having the problem at different points in the process, screws up on this program next time another one etc...
  10. Finally found the answer!! The problem was a corrupted game save. So I ended up starting going back to previous saved games until I found one in which the problem did not occur, deleted all the other saved games and started from there.
  11. Corrupted? as in you saved a game before adding the mods and then u didnt clean it? Its in the readme in most oblivion mods :D.
  12. glad you figured it out without having to bust your computer for parts :)
  13. Everything was clean and running however I had a corrupted save from very early on or rather an early save had become corrupted somehow, and deleting that and all after that and starting prior to that save fixed the problem. I am now past where I had gotten before with no problems, saving often in case this happens again.
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    make sure to also make several saves. I typically run 2-3, periodically taking time to save to each one, in case one gets corrupted and other one is fine.
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