Computer Crashes While Playing Certain Games

I've been having this problem for quite some time now. It doesn't happen with all my games only with a few. I start up a game such as Darksiders, or Borderlands and after a short time of playing, my monitors seems to go on stand by and the game audio start to loop. I can't get my computer to respond, or my monitor. I have to do a hard restart whenever I do this. I also get that audio loop when I am watching a movie or something like that but my computer doesn't crash. It just freezes while the audio loops, a few seconds and it's done.

I've already updated my drivers, rolled them back. Unplugged and replugged a new harddrive I got a while ago when this started. However, nothing seems to work

Here are my Computer Specs:

CPU: Core I5 750 2.67GHZ
Ram: 4 GB but I have windows 7 32bit so only 3.5 are usable.
Video Card: ATI Radeon 4870 1gb
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  1. Has this problem happened since you built your system or did it randomly start sometime since then?
    It sounds sort of like a video corruption error. I've gotten similar problems when watching movies due to a flaw in my motherboard (an nForce 750i). So, while logic would suggest that it's probably a video-card related problem, you might want to look into a bios update for your mobo (study up on that, though; in my experience bios updates can be... scary). If you happen to have any other video cards you can test out, I would try that too, to see if you can isolate the problem to one specific part.
    The only other thing I can think of is that it could be some form of temperature failure. If, for some reason, something overheated in the middle of your game, it could cause some odd behavior as a failsafe. That's a shot in the dark, though.
  2. It didn't start till much later after I built my PC. About a year later. I have been monitoring my video card's heat and it's been fine thus far. Like I said my computer doesn't crash with all my games it's only some. However, I do get the little stutter when I am watching videos. Unfortunately, I don't have another video card to test if it's just my video cards. I'm gonna try and stuff up about updating my bios.
  3. sounds like you have the 4870/4850 deathnote. some reference cards had weak vrm modules meaning over time the vrm would start to wobble as the temperature increased. run gpu-z and get it to log in the background while playing games. play a game you know will crash then 1s you have to restart examine the log for vrm temps

    if your hitting 120'c + that may be the issue.
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