Diablo 2 disc unread

i just downloaded diablo 2 complete with the lords of destruction expansion. unfortunately after burning the play disc my laptop wont load the game. it reads the disc it just wont recognize it as the play disc for diablo 2
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  1. If you can't get the disc to read just go to battle.net and add diablo II + LOD cdkeys to your account then you can just download the game through blizzard.

    You play east and use d2jsp? if so we may know each other lol.
  2. have you tried disabling your antivirus. some av's will stop copy protection from working, so your disk would be in but it wont authenticate.
    this happend to me when i first ran fear, with zonealarm installed. it just wouldnt authenticate the disk as long as ZA was running. i used msconfig to boot without it and boom, game worked sweet. this was later fixed with a patch but still it was annoying.
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