Do any of my components bottleneck my system?

I currently installed the game crysis, released in 2007. My friend who has a similar rig to mine can run it on high settings without lag but I seem to experience quite some lag. I'm wondering if any of the components in my system is bottlenecking my rig or why I'm not able to play crysis on high settings (not very high) without lag. Here is my rig:
CPU: core i3 530 @2.93ghz w/stock cooler
Mobo: ASUS P7h55-m lx Micro Atx
GPU: Powercolor hd 5770 512mb
PSU: 500w Silverstone Essentials 80
Memory: 4gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz
Hard Drive: samsung 7200rpm

P.S. My friend's rig has the same cpu, the powercolor hd 5750 512mb for his gpu, a 650w powersupply, 2gb ram.
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  1. What are your and your friend's resolutions? Seems like he is playing with a lower resolution than you which will provide better performance.
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    you should be able to run at higher settings than him and higher rez. id recommend you try his settings and see if the problem persists. as for a bottleneck. the hdd has become the bottleneck on most of todays systems but not really enough to affect a game like crysis on a single card setup like yours.
    you may also want to defrag, with a decent defrag app. diskkeeper or ultimate defrag are 2 very good 1s. and try moving crysis towards the outside of the disk which is the fastest part
  3. what do you mean by lag. its a term that is meant to mean a gap between input and action on screen, but is often meant to mean (badly) that the frames per second are not very high. The former can be caused by poor internet ping times in online gaming, or poor cpu/gpu/software setup. The latter would typically only be caused by a poor GPU.

    With regards to the question of a bottleneck, there is always a bottleneck, always. The question is really is there an inbalance between cpu - gpu - memory,and in yoiur case i'd say there is no significant difference in capabilities of the cpu/gpu/memory.

    Are you on latest drivers? do you have folding at home, seti or other cpu intensive apps open in the background?
  4. Your friend is clearly playing it at a really low resolution. Your setup is fine and should be able to play Crysis at maxed settings no AA at any resolution lower than 1080p.
  5. check settings to run at medium. turn off motion blur. run at 1024x768....... there you can start turning up settings until it starts to falter. your video card has only 512 of v-ram. no where's near enough to run at higher settings. you can also try running in Dx9 mode.
  6. Also, your one "bottleneck" part is probably your processor.
    Check your background processes.
  7. his processor is more than capable enough to be able to run without bottlenecking a single 5770.
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