Strange problem, made me laugh

Hello guys,
I have strange System. I collect it myself. It was working fine with me. I gave it to a friend. He said that the PC after testing the HD (in booting) it is reboot automaticly. What would cause this problem?
BTW, he said that the numlock Indicator keep blinking, when i touch it the PC stop restarting and it work fine. I realy thought he might fooling me or something.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. try flashing the BIOS with the latest version

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  2. It sounds like you may have a short in the keyboard (if touching the light on the keyboard solved the rebooting problem). While shorts are not unheard of, I can't actually say that I have heard of this problem causing the motherboard to keep rebooting. I would have never figured that one out (well, never maybe a tad harsh). I can only say that it's a good thing the light was blinking!

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  3. may be the keyboard connections are loose inside that continuously blink the num-lock led and cause the system to reboot. any stuck keys are flagged off as keyboard errors.

    you might get it to boot just by pulling the keyboard cable back or moving it a bit at the point where it comes out of the keyboard

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  4. I want to thanks all of you nice guys. Imagin, the mouse caused this problem. I just change it and everything is working fine now.
    Thanks a lot
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