Need help with fps on wow

Hello, my fps is usually around 58-60, but for some reason when i go into battlegrounds every 15sec or so it it drops to 4-5 for about 3 sec then goes back up. I've gone to yougamers and a few other websites and had my computer tested and they all say that my computer is above the requirements. any help here would be awesome.

Proc. Intelcore2 duo 6300@1.86ghz
RAM 2074, windows vista 32, Nvidia GeForce 9600gt
i run the game at low quality 1440x900 @ 60hz

Thank you
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  1. Play at lower resolutions, it might be because there are too many processes running at the same time, that you are experiencing this problem. And if you want you can turn up the eye candy. Play the game at say, maybe 1280X720 or 1024X768 at the least. Did you check the Pings ?
  2. by pings do you mean the internet in the command prompt? i have not checked it recently but it has never had a problem before. I was thinking it might be my cpu, i've seen on alot of forums people talking about it bottlenecking. another thing is i run gamebooster to shut off all the processes i dont need (or atleast it should). thank you for the response.
  3. i dont know if this helps but when my system is idle my temperatures for both cores are about 55 deg. C and when i run the game they are 75deg.C and 72. Dont know if i might have a heating issue. Also, dont know if this helps but my cpu usage spikes during these fps drops. it goes up to about 90% sometimes, then goes back to 0-2% usage.
  4. A lot of scripts are running when at battlegrounds. These scripts generate sounds, particles, etc for the weapons, cenaries, etc.

    A bit more RAM may help to speed up the rendering processes, thus FPS.
  5. thank you for all the responses, i found that the problem was the cpu overheating. i took it out cleaned it, and put new thermal stuff on it. Ran it with the game running and it was about 50 deg. cooler and no more fps drops.
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