My i3 hates unreal engine games.

So yea as the topic says. I cannot play anything Unreal engine game without constant crashing. I've tried it with Borderlands, DCUO and even the APB beta. It's all the same. Is there some known issue with i3 and unreal engine powered games? I have zero problems with anything else. (it's driving me nuts btw)

i3 530 @ 2.93
gt 460
win 7 x32
4gigs dr3
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  1. why do you figure its the i3?

    unless for some reason you're being processor-bound i wouldn't just pick one random part and blame it.

    the first thing to try is to make sure every single driver is up to date and that you have all of the game updates.
  2. I figure it's the processor because if I disable one of the cores on my i3 the game run for about 10 mins without problems. then It crashes non-stop. I'm convinced it is the i3.
  3. you still didnt say if you updated all your drivers and games.

    i have an i7 (yes i realize its a big step up on your i3, but its still multi-core) and unreal-engine games run fine.
  4. Oh sorry. Yes most of the games automatically update. As for drivers this has happened on alot of the nvidia drivers.
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