Quake3 performance probs on Asus A7M

Hi all,
I have just upgraded from a
Slot A Athlon 800
Abit KA7 KT133
Cas2 PC133 256MB
GeForce 2GTS 32MB

to an
AXIA 1GHz Clocked to 1.4
Asus A7M tweaked to the max
256MB PC2100 DDR Cas2
Geforce2 GTS 32MB (same card)

and it is absolutely wonderful... in Direct 3D
In Quake3 (openGL) I lose nearly 1/3 of the performance !
Previously at 1024x768x32 I was getting over 70fps.
Now I get 48fps.

for example, I get
3DMark 2000 = 8248 as opposed to 5400 before
3DMark 2001 = 3360 as opposed to 2700 before
so Direct 3D is quite cool.

I have tried different via 4 in 1 drivers (to version 4.29),
I am using Detonator 6.50 final and Directx8 is installed (in case it matters).
I have tried registry tweaks to make sure Side Band Addressing and Fast Writes are enabled (+ a few others)

Me is confused.
Can anyone think of anything else that may be affecting my openGL performance?
(oh, Anti Aliasing and VSync are off )
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  1. how did you perform those registry tweaks. can you give me description because i;m having stability issues running in 4x mode with myh geforce2ultra(leadtek)?
  2. I tried loads of twekaing programs and also direct registry access.

    take the following and put it in a file called "enable fast writes.reg"


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\System]

    Do the same for Side Band Adressing:


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\System]

    Once you have created the files, double click them and they will be entered for immediate use.

    There are many many other settings which I have only played with using Nvidia tools created by various people. ie NVMax, GeForce Tweak ....

    also, try

    oooh, just found this site too.
  3. Speaking of problems in Quake III, I can't even run the demos anymore to benchmark my system! I can benchmark with the commandline 'timedemo 1' with version 1.11 of Quake, but once I upgrade to 1.27, the screen just flashes onces and goes back to the main menu without playing the demo. Anyone know what is going on?
  4. You will not be able to run the old timedemo's once you have upgraded.

    I have 2 copies of Quake3, one for benchmarking (old version) and the other for gaming.
    You can run benchmarks on the upgraded version, but you will have to get new game plays saved.
  5. You're freaking me out man. I was planning on getting an a7m to boast my *** off with Quake 3. Please do tell if some drivers make it better. I'd hate to get beaten by a 1 gig mx vs. my 1.3 pro if you know what I mean.
    And about the demo, when you get 1.27h it has its own demo called demo127. Search for it in q3a dir. If this is not working I'll call my friend.

    Sh!t Happens.
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