Battlefield bad company 2 graphics issues

i had intel core 2 duo @2.80ghz processor,4 gb ram,nvidia 1gb 210 card with cuda i properly install bbc2 but when i ran it there is everything black only i can listen the sound CAN ANYBODY HELP ME OUT PLEASE PLEASE
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  1. the 210 is way under spec.
    yes it has 1 gig of ram but it doesnt support a lot of the features that bc2 needs. it is in no way a gaming card and will only handle the most basic of games like chess and web browser games. you will need a minimum of a 7800gt which is a much older card than yours but is about 30 times more powerful as far as pushing polygons. a comparable card today would be a 9600gt or 240gs as minimum...

    your card is whats known as a video card it is about as powerful as a standard on board graphics chip but has its own dedicated memory which means more system memory for smoother overall performance of your media pc.

    so sorry to tell you this m8 but you dont meet minimum requirements by some way. if you want to play games but a decent/better gfx card but keep in mind the bigger you go the more power they use so you may have to invest in a bigger power supply unit too.
  2. Also your Core 2 Duo is not up to specificatiuon for BC2, it is often advised to have a quad core CPU when playing BC2 as it seems to limit at about 30-35FPS with any dual core CPU, except the highest end models that acheive 45FPS.

    Even the lowest end quad cores easily manage 60FPS with a decent graphics card.
  3. GT 210 is way under spec but I ran it with my 8400gs at 20-30 FPS constant. I tweaked the game a little, so that it ran on 640 X 480 resolution.

    Try this,
  4. im really surprised you go it to even work...
  5. Yeah, me too!
    I was like at first :o seeing the recommended specs ! But then after tweaking, the game was awesome !
  6. Try to upgrade your graphics card maybe 9600gt 0r 4860 minimum this will definitely solve your problem.
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