VIA -DDR's great failure

Congratulations VIA, you have done more to hurt the progress of DDR than the Rambus gang could have ever hoped. We have waited months for your DDR solution, now when it arrives, it's crap. Don't you people test things before release, or is easier to allow the public to do your diagnostic work. Maybe you should release "build your own" mobo kits. Then we can get all the parts in the right place. The sheer lack of work put into your latest chipset is almost enough to drive some-one into buying Inhel (puke)!!!!
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  1. I think this time it is not really VIA's fault. After read the an article from I think it is msi trying to release an prematured board and not able to utilize the power of VIA chipset.

    There is the article.
  2. It appears also that Anandtech has done a better research than Tom's Hardware into this matter.

  3. Why are the public doing the research on VIA's chipset, shouldn't they fix it?????
  4. As stated by upec before it is most likely a mobo maker problem and not Via's and from what I have read MSI is working on it currently and is probably why there are mobo makers that have not released theres yet.

  5. That's probably true - back in the Feb-Mar timeframe, AcesHardware reported that ASUS would be the first mobo mfr out with a KT266 board. So it does appear as if MSI, trying to beat ASUS out of the gate, released their board without going through adequate quality assurance stages. But hey, that's just speculation.
  6. Why do you think Aces gave the MSI board a good review anyway? It was the first review out. Over 2 weeks ago.

    That review is pretty much the reason I got the board. It looked good in the benches there and it was a RAID board and that is what I was looking for.

  7. IMHO, Aces (a reputable site) received a really good K7T266 to test...

    Evidently, MSI and other mobo mfrs have abandoned Quality Assurance practices in their development and production processes. And to make matters worse, in the wake of MSI's recent screw-up, they have not demonstrated any integrity whatsoever!
  8. At they run a specialized discussion about
    the MSI KT266 pro. It seems it is not only the horrible performance, and the wrongly soldered R127 resistor. Now user are talking about more issues. obvioulsyt here are also problems with the RAID, and some users are reporting the board has no USB 2.0, althoug this was an advertised feature.

    The assumption that the board was rushed out to beat Asus, is right I think, as usual on the expenses of customers. I would insist to get my money back, this is a piece of junk!
  9. I would ask for a refund but I need my system. I bought my system at mwave. I wonder if they will ship me a new board first. So that I don't have a week of downtime.
  10. I'm in the same boat bud. I also wonder if I can get a new board first. I really want the A7V266 now that MSI screwed up. I really think the KT266 is a good chipset. But I doubt the A7V266 will be released by the time my 30 day return time is up.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  11. You said it! I really think that we, VIA, and DDR have been victim to a rushed out product, in MSI K7T266 Pro. But, MSI I will say this on the resistor issue, they did maintain one of their biggest pluses for MSI boards, Stability. It was a terribly performing mobo, but it is stable. Asus I think may have a winner in the A7V266. It will be interesting to see though, how they react to all this because indication's from Asus has been that they were going to be promoting the lower performing MAGiK1 solution, A7A266. It will be interesting to see, if A7V266 performs well, and is stable, if that changes Asus' marketing scheme with their DDR boards.
  12. but you are still stuck with Asus's lack of support after that... it seems the days of really respectable mobos have gone with the BX chipset. I'm still waiting for the equivalent of the Commodore-64 in the IBM-compatible world... not in speed, of course, but in stability, reliability and flexibility.

    MSI may be able to regain composure if they sit down, get their board fixed, and get the damn thing running as it should... but even then, it won't matter much to me. I'll prolly end up getting a system through Gateway ;)

    Cow with legs spread wide either dead or playing 'cello.
  13. LOL, As I currently have in my possesion 10 gateway oem motherboards for athlons......guess who they are made by......MSI!

    Lets give MSI a week or two, yeah they screwed up. but in the past they have always been quick to remedy something. I have stood by them for some time now as there support has been much better than ASUS. Granted, this latest episode may change all that but lets wait and see.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  14. They are offering the R126 to anyone who is interested. There is this guy, MSI-Sin at ocworkbench forum who works at MSI. He said that he has some and only wants a faxed copy of the receipt and an address to send the resistor to.

    But then someone said that they found those resistors in an electronics store for like 5 for a buck. I don't know what store it was though. If I did, I'd be there already myself.
  15. Question.

    I have a R102! But, are they all the same? It looks exactly like the R103 on the board but this R102 is on an old old Cirrus Logic video card that I found in my old parts stash.
    The R103 is on just about everything but this is the first time that I've seen a R102 on something.

    I might just do something stupid today. :)

    I have a bunch of R102s actually. The ancient Sound Blaster 16 has a few of them. An old ESS 1868 Sound card has a pile and the CMD-Ultra66 controller card has a few of them too. [-peep-], with all of these parts that I have lying around I could actually build a few new motherboards!! ;)
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