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I just installed Crysis Warhead. When I load the game up to play it, my computer monitor automatically scales down from full screen to having a black border around it. When I go into the options menu in Crysis Warhead, it isn't detecting my monitor as 1920x1080. The biggest resolution it detects is 1700x1000 or something. I don't have this issue with any other game. Can someone give me input? My monitor is full 1920x1080 in the desktop, and also other games like Metro 2033, and Crysis 2 show full screen. It is only when I load up Crysis Warhead that I have this scaling issue.
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  1. Go to your Documents/My Games/Crysis_Warhead folder and there will be a game.cfg file. Open this in notepad and edit the r_width and r_height values to match your resolution
  2. very odd, sounds like a hardware compatibility issue, in that it doesnt recognize your card. but crewtons fix should work. so +1 to him.
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