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I am creating a professional FPS online computer game and I am looking for ideas such as Guns, Character outfits, GUI ideas, Money system and other important inputs. I would specifically like you to post specific guns e.x: Sniper (L96A1) specific AR (M16) and so on. I would also like other input such as map ideas and event ideas. I will value any and all input and take all input into consideration, you may even see some of YOUR own ideas in this game!
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  2. Personaly id love to see an FPS game based in the UK, but then i am biased.
  3. Personally I've always been a huge fan of FPS with a bit of an RPG element built in. Sometimes when just playing FPS it feels like your accomplishing nothing through your game play (although obviously you're having fun), but it's nice to get a bit of reward for your play time.

    This reminds me of the WC3 mod for CS years ago, because you gained experience for your kills and you can spend it on certain skills and upgrades for your character. Items that could be included would be faster reload time, larger magazines, more hp, more dmg per bullet, etc..

    Anyway, this is just my take... It doesn't have to go as far as being a Fallout 3 or anything, but I always thought it would be really good to have a FPS with just a few incorporations of a skill system to have an RPG element in it.
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