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Episodes From Liberty City Help (GTA 4 DLC)

Hey, I know GTA IV is badly ported and I now realize so is EFLC aswell, But in GTA IV i played at 1024x768 Res and Low-Medium Settings (Im Fine with this and, My PC isn't good) But in EFLC whenever i quit to my desktop the resolution doesn't switch and it stays at 1024x768 instead of my normal 1280x1024 Res. And I have to reboot to get it back to normal, Why is this happening and how can i stop it?

I Can't play the game at my Native res because it'll run at like 15FPS

Thank you
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    Sometimes game does that. One solution would be to uninstall EFLC.
  2. Do you mean uninstall and then Reinstall, Becuase i would like to Play the game.
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