Black Ops low FPS

My system specifications are:-
E7300 @ 2.66GHz
2GB DDR2 667MHz
250GB WD 5400RPM HDD
500GB Seagate Barracuda
XFX HD 5670 1GB DDR5
18.5" Compaq w185q TFT @ 1366x768

Black ops frame rates are app 30 with ccc 11.4 with AA oFF drops to 20-22 at times
installed 10.7 fps was app 65-68 AA oFF lowest was 35
glitches appeared in both but in 10.7 it was less
so is black ops driver dependant?
if yes then plz tell the best driver for hd 5670
thank you
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  1. seems like your bottleneck may be RAM, or perhaps the processor
  2. Driver updates are designed to improve performance, so in theory the latest driver is always the best. Be advised however that your system is mid-range at best, so don't expect fantastic framerates unless you play at lower resolutions with the graphics turned down a bit.
  3. Benchmarks I saw somewhere (this site?) show that driver updates can wildly affect game performance. This would include decreasing it.
  4. Your XFX HD 5670 1GB DDR5 uses the PCI Express 2.1 x16 interface and has 400 steam processors running a core clock of 775Mhz, which should be more than enough to run Black Ops. However, your 2GB of DDR2 and E7300 @ 2.66GHz are likely where your issues are coming from. For Black Ops, the MINIMUM recommended processor is the E6600 and the MINIMUM recommended amount of RAM is 2GB. I do agree with Herr_Koos that if you're running the game at full graphics and resolution ( which your XFX 5670 should have no problem doing ), your other hardware is bottlenecking your performance and you need to scale back the video to compensate for your other hardware that can't keep up in order to eliminate your choppy frames. Either way, updating your drivers to the latest available is never a bad idea.

    I don't know your OS, but here are the following:

    Windows 7 32-bit -

    Windows 7 64-bit -

    Windows Vista 32-bit -

    Windows Vista 64-bit -

    Windows XP 32-bit -
  5. if you have a 3rd party cooler you could in theory meet minimum spec by overclocking your cpu to 3.2ghz this would give you comparable performance to the e6600.
    other than that you may want to upgrade to a better cpu... a q8300 would give a nice bump in performance and last at least another 2 years. and at 100 pounds is very reasonably priced.
  6. Thanks bros but that's not a of my friend has similar config with HD 4350 and he gets constant fps of 35.I too had HD 4350 earlier and similarly i had good fps..all i had to do is keep aa off.The wonder is when i first installed black ops with the driver provided by xfx i had constant 70fps at lowest with mainly 80+ on avg.And please don't take it the wrong way ,as far as i know black ops doesn't require a monster system to play .It's just a huge bank of bugs that treyarch needs to fix.I checked out on the internet even guys with GTX 480 & HD 5870 gets crappy performance.I play MW2 on evrything high AA 4x and it flies at 100FPS.Its the programming and optimization that matters mate not entirely the rig.Anyways thanks for helping me out.I would better wait for a working patch. :hello:
  7. i have the 5870 and i cant say i notice any crappy performance. at least when i was playing it constantly. i always had over 60fps. maxed out settings with x4 fsaa.
    i will reinstall it again and see if i have any issues with the latest drivers as i had to get ridd of everything last week when i set up *** new raid config.
  8. rite i had *** proper look and i to have the same problem. it seems to be down to the shader warming in options. turn it off and it seems to get rid of the stuttering...
    gonna load it up after quitting and see if the problem has gone completely.

    update. yes turning shader warming off in the game options gets rid of the fps drop...
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