Splinter cell WIN7?

I have splinter double agent, on the cover it says windows xp only, I have windows7 64 bit and it runs but I have a very strange keyboard problem, when I press w to move forward it does something completely different (like turn on my night vison) is this because I am running this on windows7 instead of XP.
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  1. quite possibly/ try running it in compatibility mode... or remap the controls.

    this is the only 1 in the series i haven't played as i can no longer find a reputable dealer that stocks it. but saying as its in the middle of the series it should work without issue on all formats as 1,2,3 work fine on win7 64 ultimate... although 1 and 3 dont like my logitec dual action handset but all work with the 360 controller which is how i prefer to play these games. they can be had for as little as 15 pounds if you look about.

    if you already have a pad but not a 360 1 or wont recognize it, then try xpadder to emulate the keys...
  2. update. i asked about on teamspeak and a couple of the lads had installed copys. 1 on vista and the other on win7 they both say the game works flawlessly without compatibility mode and its actually more stable than on xp.
    the issue your having may be a result of a keyboard driver but more likely to be a badly configured control system. so start the game open options and go to controls, there you can reconfigure your keyboard layout.
  3. Just remap the button control. I have played that game on my pc before with Win 7 64bit.
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