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Just installed an AMD 1200 mhz T-Bird with the Abit KT7A-Raid board. My system also includes 256 megs PC 133 (1 stick), Pioneer 115 DCD, Sony 145 CdRW, Soundblaster Live MP3, Diamond 56k modem, Linksys ethernet, Ati Radeon 64 meg, quantum 9.1 gig and quantum 30 gig. This is all housed in the AOpen Hx08 case with stock 300 watt p/s. I booted my system for the first time, accessed the BIOS and changed the clock settings to 1200 mhz. I went to exit after confirming the change and my system completely shut down. Now when I try and re-boot the system will start for about 2 seconds and shut down again. I have cleared the CMOS but still have the same problem. My system was the same as it is now but with a PIII 500 and it ran fine. Any ideas. Take it easy on my I'm still a newbie. Thanks
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  1. Do you have any beeps? Check the power connections and HSF connections first.
  2. No beeps at all and connections are good. Everything will start to spin-drives, cpu and case fans but it won't even get to the POST screen....
  3. You might have gotten a bad processor. Try putting the old one back in. If that works, you've isolated the problem. It sounds like either a processor or mobo problem to me. I'll check back to see how it goes.

  4. Your best bet is to remove everything except the floppy, HD, and video cards. Get down to a basic system. Clear the CMOS again, be sure to remove the power cord or the CMOS will not clear properly. The KT7A should give one short beep when it comes up. Also, 4 resets will sometimes get you up (yes, that's hitting reset 4 times in a row about a second apart).
  5. You say you changed the clock settings to 1200MHz. Does that mean the board didn't detect your processor correctly? Even if you unlock the multiplier by closing the L1 bridges, there is still a CPU default multiplier which will be used by the BIOS until you give it something different or reset the CMOS.
  6. Also, if you are new to the KT7 then this site will help you:
  7. I just built my KT7A-RAID/1.2Ghz and suggest this to help you. It's simple, but happened to me with my KT7A. It depends on which bios you have, but if the board doesn't detect a fan on "fan1", which is the fan header nearer to the ram sockets, the board will shut down after approx 1 second so as not to fry your processor. It's a safety thing and a pain in the butt, but there it is.
    Good Luck,
  8. Flintstone is right, I forgot that, and it has to be a 'three wire fan' so the mobo can sense the RPM's.
  9. Ther goes your easy, inexpensive upgrade!

    Suicide is painless...........
  10. That's exactly what it was. The CPU fan was plugged in to header 2 not 1. As soon as I changed it, it booted up fine. Thanks for the quick responses and thanks for the link to the KT7A FAQ site.
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