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I'm using the same MS6380 K7T266Pro, CPU and DDR memeory (378mb)that Tom is using in his testing. My Sandra test results are no where near Tom's. Is there anyone out there that would help me with proper bios settings for the board/cpu/memory. Thank you.
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  1. a little more info please, what cpu are you using, what bios version etc? what are your marks now?

  2. R126/127 problem.

    Read all the posts at forum.

    If you expect to get the results that Tom got then break out your soldering iron.

    Reviewers were shipped different boards than we can actually buy. It's called a scam. Read the review at
  3. That is not necessarily true. You do not HAVE to use a soldering iron on this board,to get good results.My resistor is in the 127 position, and I am creaming the results posted here at THG.

  4. So whats the trick? I get about 3800 in 3dmark2001, but thats only bench I run. I have 1.33 "C" and 512MB Crucial PC2100.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  5. This seems to be the enigma of this board... why is it that the results are all over the map? All I can tell you it how I have my board set, and maybe if enough people get together we can come to some kind of standard. i have my board set up as follows:

    Athlon 1.33 AXIA at 10x147 - 1470 (THG OC'd to 1466)
    MSI GF2 GTS Pro
    128 Meg Crucial 2100
    127 resistor
    Ram settings:
    Speed HCLK
    Latency 2
    1t command enabled
    Effective ram clock at 147 mhz

    Sandra 2001 Scores:

    Mem 696/892
    Cpu 4114/2036
    MM 8014/10077
    3dmark 2000 at 1024x768 Score 9369
    3dmark 2001 at 1024x768x32 Score 3860

    The board and graphics card are new to me, so I am sure the ruselts will get better as I tweak and the bios gets better, but so far I am happy...

  6. What bios version are you using? And are you experiencing any stability issues?
  7. I am using 10a. Stability is great except for the usual reported crashs in Open GL. Other wise its fine. I just dont get that either, as I can run 3dmark no problem forever, but get into Counter Srike and I will lock up in 30 secs. Have to disable the Sdram 1t and it works fine... Hmmmm

  8. Where can I get the Sandra program? Also what does the SDRAM 1T command do? I have mine disabled. I also have a GF2 Pro card and run the BIOS 1.0B from the MSI web site. Not sure what version it really is. I have the R127 too but not sure if its a 102 or 103 resistor. What 4 in 1 drivers you running? I run 4.28a now but am going to upgrade to 4.29v on Monday when I get some free time.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  9. Hey Spcman.

    I have the exact same system except I am using 256Megs of Crucial DDR2100. EWverything else is the same. Well my GEForce2PRO is a Leadtek but still the same almost.

    I have a question. Is the 10a bios better than the 10b? I am using the 10b right now and it is faster than the original but I crash with 1T enabled now. When I turn it off I'm fine though. Right now I'm set at 1.33/default but I have been up to 1.54 totally stable and ran 3dmark 2000.

    Looking at your sandra scores I think that mine would be about the same if I was @ 1466. Here are mine at 1.33G:

    Original bios
    memory 507/630

    10b bios
    memory 554/693, second time 531/732. I ran it twice back2back.
    CPU multimedia 7248/9084
    CPU bench 3722/1806

    101453Dmarks@ 800x600x16
    Sorry I didn't run the test at higher res yet.
  10. Someone run all the benches at standard 1.33Ghz 2.5CL and everything default so that we can compare.

    That is really the only way to do it without some variances.
    I'll post mine tomorrow morning. I have to work tonight.
  11. Try this:

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  12. Do a search for Sisoft, and then follow the links for Sandra. The 1t command sets the mem controller to cyle faster, giving you faster mem timings, but most people have agreed that this is fine until you try to play a game like counter strike, then you get instability. I am running Via 4.28, as I have read that some are having problems with .29, so I am going to sit on it a bit until I hear differently.

  13. I am currently running the bios version of 10a. I removed the 10 b version due to instability AGAIN in counter strike this time with 1t disabled. Heres a real mystery for you. I was running my benches with a version, and mem scores were 696/892, switched to b version, scores dropped to 640/851. As I said was having instability, so went back to a version, and now my mem scores are the same 640/850ish. Why I havent the dammdest idea. I have been through my settings a gazillion times,and cant get them back up there. I dont know what the hell happened... but 42 points off my bench is pissing me off, because I cant figure out WHY!!!

  14. Cool I found Sandra on, I will be downloading it as soon as I get home. I have heard about 4.29 haveing issues but I am going to try it anyway. I will also try the 1T command and see if it helps/hurts my stability. Do you have stability problems while operating? I only get errors on boot-up, once I get it booted with everything right it runs solid. Its just a matter of getting it running. My main problems are it saying SB Live failed to load, and display adaptor not properly installed. But a reboot or two usually fixes this.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  15. the only issue I have with stability and 1t is when I run 3d games, other thatn that it is no issue at all. I also had problems with the Live card, and had to pull it. I could NOT get that piece of crap to work in my system hehe!!

  16. It works, just on rare occasion it says math co-processor not working, or something like that and doesnt load it on boot up. I can't use 1T at all it screws up my display on boot up.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
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