New printer doesn't print

Sorry for the long story.
I am not sure this is the correct area to post.
I thought to try here; Please move if incorrect.

I just purchased a Samsung scx-4100 3in1 (print, copy, scan) laser printer.
It doesn't print, the led display no paper/add paper when I send any document to it, the only way i can get out of it, is turn the printer off then back on again.
It will copy & scan until get it to print, then it freeze.
It is not the printer fault, printer exchanged & even try another brand (HP), do the same thing.

Try both (Samsung & HP) printers on other 2 computers i got, they work ok.
So far, have try remove/uninstall driver, swap printer cables, reset the bios.

The computer itself is working ok, equipped with: k7s5a mobo, 1800+ cpu, XP + SP2.

Any idea?
Question? Please ask.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. When all else fails. Reinstall the OS man. If those printers worked fine on other computers but failed on the other. Then its either the OS or the printer port on the computer motherboard. Unless the printer uses a USB adapter. Then you need to look into possible USB port problems. Try a different cable that you are currently using between the computer and the printer.

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  2. I have tried parallel & usb cables, no change.
    Same cables I used on other computers.
    I will rebuild the computer if I have to.
    But, right now, i try to do without rebuild.
    Keep the idea coming, please.
  3. You could try to uninstall TCP/IP and reinstall it. Never really had any printer problems myself. Not sure if that will work or not.
  4. This printer is not on network.
    So tcp/ip have anything to do with it or not; Anyone have an answer?
  5. Check device manager and see if there are any problems there.
    click control panel, system, hardware, then click on device manager.

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  6. I am stuck with "cheap" Samsung too. It is their sickness and you can do nothing about it. I don't have the actual paper out but each time I stick the envelope into the middle of that hole (did I mention printer hole;?) and it sucks it in a little, after I click print it gets really confused and the only "cure" is to switch it OFF and ON and then AGAIN click Print.

    Those suckers at Samsung (my second and LAST purchase of Samsung products) do not know how to write drivers. Hardware is good but drivers are as dumb as they can be (did I mention that drivers just do what they where tought to by their creators:(

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  7. Russell
    Checked the device manager, no problem there.

    Oh oh, doesn't sound good.

    2 printers (HP & Samsung), both act the same way, no print.
    Please keep the ideas coming, folks.
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  8. Go to control panel, printers and faxes:

    Make sure that your printer is listed and it's selected as default printer (it will have a check mark next to it).
    If that is OK then.

    Right click on the printer icon go to properties, ports and make sure that the proper port is selected.

    If this doesn't work then try going to the manufacturer's web site and download the driver and re install it. There could be a newer version.

    Good Luck

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  9. I have to ask....Got ink?

    ....WW (5.0)
  10. Yea, printers aren't usually a big problem to set up. I'm betting it's something really simple.

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  11. SInce I have the very same motherboard and CPU, I can give you a pretty good idea of what is wrong. The problem is your motherboard. The ECS K7S5A has marginal USB compatibility under Windows XP. I ran into the same problem with a flatbed scanner. There is no fix and ECS isn't going to do one in the future, so you can either sell the printer and get one that has a parallel port connection or do without.

    Sorry, but that is the only answer around. You might find some USB 1.1--> parallel adapter, but I don't know if that would work at all.

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  12. I hear you about the mobo.
    The printer has usb & parallel, try them both, no go.
  13. Have you accepted that the printer may be DOA? If the drivers are current and it won't work under XP with the parallel cable, there really aren't a lot of alternatives left. Assuming that your cables are all in good working order. Swap out the parallel cable. If that doesn't work, then call Samsung tech support for an RMA.

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  14. I think he mentioned the printer works on another computer. The only other thing I can suggest is a complete wipe and reload of the computer that's not printing... something has to be seriously messed up.

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  15. Did he? Well, yes- if a uninstall/reinstall of the driver doesn't do it, then it probably needs that refresh (the other system WAS the same OS, right?). I hate to say it, but in the end it could easily be that motherboard. I have the same one and it's about as flaky as a board can be and still work. I could write a short book about all the ways that it's kind of strange. If he does a wipe/onstall and it still won't work, then my vote goes for a new motherboard.

    If you go shopping for a new one, Quincy, let me recommend GigaByte. VERY nice boards and no problems.

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