COD black ops isnt working need help !!!

Cod black ops game does not after the starting game vedio , it hangs dont know why
my pc specs are more than reqiured as i can run acb,crysis2,bullet strom etc but this game
howerver i have win xp sp2 dx 9 dual core ,2gb ram , 9800 gt
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  1. check the control pannel/admin tools/event viewer. any errors will show up there.
    chances are it will be dx related. or if you have realtech ac95/97 there may be a driver issue.
  2. Yes Hexit is right sometimes it's that Realtek sound issue. You can try plugging the mic outlet which I also remember I had a problem with one of my pc which gave me exe error on COD4. It might have the same issue. Also try upgrading your Win xp2 to xp3.
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