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not sure if i should post this here or under graphics. I have the intel 810e chipset (starting to regret) with integrated AGP insted of an actual AGP port and graphics card. In the past it has supported applications requiring 3d acceleration. Now, for one reason or another, it doesn't. I get messages about direct draw when trying to play 3d games. When trying to watch 3d animations they can be viewed but there is simply no 3d acceleration. I have tried adjusting the hardware acceleration at all settings. I am using a dell with an 800MHz PIII and 192 mb of sdram. There is supposedly 4mb of dedicated video ram on the system board. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. Install DirectX 8a??

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  2. already have it. and the diagnostics tool says that everything is working properly.
  3. Depending on the Model, it may or may not support adding AIMM memory to the AGP controller slot (if one is present). This will dramatically improve 3D performance on systems supporting it. Additionally, you should perform an online Windows update and make sure that you have DirectX 8.0a as suggested in the previous reply.

    Finally, you should check to see if new drivers are available for your on-board video. If using the Intel chipset video, Intel has some great new drivers for them.

    For the 810 chipset family, you can find the video graphics drivers for your approriate operating system at:

    Hope this helps.

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