Dead space 2 pc stasis not working on slowing down enemies.. pls help

pls help me... im playing dead space 2 on my pc, and im stuck @ the observation room in which you supposed to go in.. i can't freeze the irritating up and down door.. seems like my stasis is not working, even in slowing down enemies.. pls help..
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  1. theres a pannel where you get the stasis gun. you have to open it and short the circuit by selecting the blue pylons. 1s dont a beasty will drop down and you have to freeze it. but be quick or it kills you. you have to be accurate 2. then 1s you hit it with at least 1 shot it dies.

    now refill and walk over to the pannel that opens the door. open it and walk forward. the door should close. open it again and this time freeze it 1s opened and run through.
  2. ^+1
    This is at the beginning of the game, where you firstly get the statis gun right ?
    Yeah, what HEXiT said, just hack the machine or whatever its called, and get the statis gun equipped. And yes, then comes the super fast alien dude, that comes in and kills you in one hit regardless of how much health you may have. ( PS, I even tried with cheats after completing the game, but Isaac still dies ) So simply slow him down fast !
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