Okay, I've noticed a number of posts regarding the A7M266's instability. I've already ordered this board, but now I'm starting to really worry. Does anyone here have an A7M266 and is able to run it reliably with a an FSB of over 100, 4X AGP, and two sticks of PC2100?
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  1. I'm the same way. I just bought my asus a7m266 today because I was hoping to build the fastest athlon system one could build. I need it for video rendering.

    Now I'm starting to worry that spending a little more money for the DDR memory and the AMD chipset wasn't worth it. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and that it was a good buy. If not tell me what's the better board. I won't have my system running for another 3 weeks.
  2. BTW you can use an Athlon 1.33Ghz chip on this board, right?
  3. You shure can use a 1.33Ghz on the A7M266.

    I haven't overclocked mine yet, but I know of people who reaches 1.7 and beyond with this board.


    AMD TBIRD 1.33
    Asus A7M266
    nVida Geoforce3
    Apacer 256MB DDR266
    Seagate X15
  4. Don't forget that the only people that post their problems with it are the ones that have them. The thousands of people that run stable have nothing to complain about. :) Mine has been amazing, but I'm at 100mhz fsb too...

    TBird 1ghz
    Crucial 256mb pc1600 ddr

    "I've been called worse by better people. You can do better..."
  5. I have been one of the people with the a7m266 not running stably in 3d apps. I tried a ton of stuff. I ended up unhooking my live drive and a couple of case fans and whalah its running stably. but last night i installed the nvtweak from coolbits. didnt test, this morning it started crashing again. i deleted the coolbits fromthe registry and gog a couple of errors when trying to run 3d apps. i shut down restarted, ,then tryed again and it ran. I think its voltage problems, not totally sure yet as time will tell, but my suggestion is to make sure you have enough powwer and then some. When it does run stable its unmatched! I run a at 133 fsb on 4x. make sure you have power.
  6. Why don't you try using some A/C powered fans? I got two of the infamous Radio Shack 120mm A/C fans (2200 rpm and 65cfm) and love them. I tapped the AC in inside my psu for power, you can add as many of them as you like and never lower the DC output from the psu. I have a cheap Deer psu, 300 watts and run fine. This, and I have 4 80mm dc fans running from the psu...

    "I've been called worse by better people. You can do better..."
  7. Don't loose heart! I am one of the ones having problems with being able to boot from an absent DOS prompt. POST and hardware is recognized correctly but system locks after trying to read my win 98 boot disk, giving me only a flashing cursor. If I can figure out what is the cause of the absent DOS prompt all would be well. I have confidence that this board is a good buy and that the AMD Thunderbird is all that it says it is. I have got some feedback on the problem I am having, which may be SCSI Controller or HDD. I will update my entry after further testing this new advise. I have no complaints, because troubleshooting and communicating in this forum enhances knowledge and learning.

    My system initial setup info:
    AMD Thunderbird 1.3G
    ASUS A7M266 M/B
    256 Cosair PC-2100 DDR SDR (non-ECC, unbuffered)
    Sony Floppy Disk Drive
    Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI Controller
    Seagate 18.2G U2W HDD
    Plextor UltraPlex Wide 40X/17X SCSI CD ROM
    ATI Radeon 64 VIVO Graphic Card
    ANTEC PP403X 400W P/S (AMD recommended)

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  8. As much as I loath Asus, my A7M266 runs great. Ensure that you are using excellent memory such as Mushkin's new PC2100 Hyundai memory. Also, dependig on your memory, you may need to set the VIO1 and VIO to its default setting.

  9. Ok, Finally figured out the problem I was having not getting DOS prompt. When you create a windows start-up disk in the contorl panel utility... YOU BETTER TEST IT TO MAKE SURE IT IS GOOD! You can rely on the ASUS M7A266 M/B and AMD Tunderbirds to work properly. Most of the problems that people are having is a result of human error. Just take your time, follow the instruction, and when you goof simple back track with persistance. Too many people are willing to throw in the towel too soon. PERSISTANCE PAYS!

    Oh by-the-way my problem was 3 bad copies of win 98 boot disks. Always fully format a foppy disk before creating a start-up disk. DON'T COUNT ON WINDOWS TO AUTOMATICALLY DO IT FOR YOU!

    Cheers : )

    Fisher of men
  10. I have an Asus A7M266 with a 1.2Ghz Athlon which runs reliabily at FSB of 133Mhz. I have a GeForce 2 Ultra that runs at AGP * 4.
    My system was fitted with 2 * 128MB PC2100 DIMMS, these were: Samsung M368 L1713 BT1-CB0
    The system has not given me any problems at all,
    Although I did buy it assembled (from U.K supplier Evesham.com )
    I have recently changed the 2 * 128MB dimms for 1 * 256MB
    Samsung M368 L3313 BT1-CB0
    in order to make increasing memory more cost effective
    (I got my supplier to swap the 2 * 128MB for 1 * 256MB at no charge )

    System spec:
    AMD Thunderbird 1.2Ghz
    Asus A7M266 mo bo
    256MB PC2100 Samsung M368 L3313 BT1-CB0
    NEC Floppy
    Maxtor 61.5GB ATA100 Diamondmax Plus 60 (5T060H6 )
    Teac CD-W512EB IDE CD-RW Burnproof
    Panasonic DVD 116 IDE DVD ROM
    GeForce 2 Ultra 64MB DDR
    Diamond SupraExpress 56i Pro VCC
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Player
    Creative DTT2200

    PSU : FSP 250 - 60 GTA
    (+3.3V & +5V = 150W max
    +3.3V & +5V & +12V = 230w max )
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  11. I have an A7M266 running a 1.2 GHZ processor at a FSB of 133 without any stability problems. It's been running stable for weeks. This is a good board.

    I don't think anyone should dismiss the problems that some people are having, but don't consider them to be the norm either.

    My only problem was that the A7M266 and a Netgear FA-311 NIC caused software reboot problems. The machine would hang on any kind of attempt to reboot (from Windows, at ctrl+alt+del, or from within BIOS setup). I had to always hit the reset button to reboot. I tried a bunch of things including BIOS updates, changing PCI slots, and changing IRQs. I knew the problem wasn't my 400W Antec power supply (everyone wants to blame power supplies after early Athlon woes). Turns out that the FA311 NIC and the A7M266 just don't get along. Removing the card fixed the reboot problem and it has been replaced with a 3Com 3C905-TX NIC. Worked the first time and hasn't given me any troubles since then. I've run into around 10 people on different boards that have run into the same problem with the FA311 NIC and the A7M266. At the same time, that card now works flawlessly in an i815 system. Odd anomoly, maybe curable by a new BIOS (I tried them through beta 1.004c), but it was the only real problem I've experienced with this board.

    A scientist will never show any kindness for a theory which he did not start himself. – Mark Twain
  12. The A7M266. I love mine, but yes there are a few problems. I noticed someone was running a geforce 2 @ 4x AGP. I could NOT get mine to run games with the ASUS v7700. Ive reinstalled windows ME, all the newest MOBO AGP and nvidia drivers and it would frag our and lock up when it was 4x. After I set it to 2x, it worked nicely, but I had random lockups and dumps to desktop from UT, mw4, Q3, 3dmark2k & 2k1. Also, whenver I shove a card in PCI slot 3 it locks the system up, takes 5 minutes to boot etc. Plenty of IRQ left but no PCI 3. Sucks to be me if I wanna add another ATA100 card.
    For those with processor questions, Im running an AMD 1.333/266 @ 1,380/276 with few problems. I still get random locks with my Voodoo 5 (running @ 2X)but the extra work the AGP and PCI busses are doing when I jacked up the FSB, its almost acceptable. ASUS PLEASE MAKE A BIOS REV THAT ALLOWS US TO OVERCLOCK THE MULTIPLIERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Id be at a good 1,450 with my OCZ gladiator2 HSF, copper shim and arctic silver.Dont listen to those who say the FSB is unstable. I love my A7M266 (and my buddy with the P4 1.5 hates being outperformed by a system that cost half of his)and until the A7V266 comes out (ddr OR sdram, 4 ata100, 6 pci..WOW) it has a place in my case.

    Tbird 1,333/266 @ 1,380/276
    Gladiator2 HSF w copper shim & Arctic silver
    Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
    Creative DXR3 decoder
    SB Live! Platinum 5.1 w live drive
    Linksys 10/100
    128 MB Corsair 2.5 PC2100 DDR
    WD HDD 30.7, ATA100, 7200
    Sony Floppy
    Creative 8432 CDRW
    Creative 12X DVD
    Sparkle 300W PS

    Its big, purple and women love it!(ATX case w/3 coats of purple Krylon and the AMD logo)
  13. Man, this is confusing. Can you guys tell me which PCI slots you are using? I definitely don't want to be running at anything less than 133FSB. I paid for it, so I should be able to use it. As for 4X AGP, can you actually see a difference between 2X and 4X? From what I understand, games today don't even come close to maxing out the AGP. Thans lots, guys!
  14. I don't know if i got lucky or what, but my A7M266 is running perfectly at 150 MHz FSB (I only use win2k BTW).

    Athlon-C 1.33@1.5
    Asus A7M266 @ 150 MHz FSB
    2x 256 MB CAS 2.5 Crucial PC2100 SDRAM @ CAS 2/2/2
  15. It will run stable, but please make sure to get the correct processor. Idont wanna demean anyone, but i've heard of a person or two who has put a 1.2/200 on the new 266 FSB boards and complained that the board didnt work properly. Check the lettering on the core, the last letter in the ID code should be "C".
    As for PCI slot allocation, I had to play with mine to get it working but after realizing that slot 3 had troubles I worked around it.
    AGP-----Voodoo 5 5500
    Slot1---Creative Labs DXR3 Mpeg decoder card
    Slot2---WinTV tuner card
    SLot3---EMPTY (used case slot for extra USB ports)
    Slot4---Sounbblaster Platinum 5.1 (ALWAYS INSTALL SB CARDS FIRST, even before loading video card drivers!!!!!)
    Slot5---Linksys 10/100 NIC

    To be redundant, if you have soundblaster card make sure to install its drivers FIRST. A lot of people are having toruble getting this combo going with SB Live cards, but Ive managed to help 5 people by using this solution, and it worked for me. So if your doing a fresh install only have the graphics card in, and when windows is in, load the SB drivers and setup BEFORE you put in anything else. Then add the cards one by one. That is one reason this board has a lot fo complaints against it. Take your time, baby it, and it'll kick the crap outta just bout anything.

    Its big, purple and women love it!(ATX case w/3 coats of purple Krylon and the AMD logo)
  16. Hope this might help you. I've had my board for a week or so and I think it's got loads of potential. It's running at 133MHz and very stable..

    Computer Specifications

    ASUS A7M 266 Revision 1.04 Motherboard (40C-104F Loaded Temp)
    256MB DDR 2100 Samsung RAM
    AMD Athlon 1.33GHz CPU (52C-125F Loaded Temp)
    AGP Hercules Prophet DDR DVI 32MB Video Card
    PCI Slot - 1 Advansys PCI SCSI Ultrawide Host Controller (BIOS-3.2b)
    PCI Slot - 2 Empty
    PCI Slot - 3 DXR3 Card for Creative 6630E DVD Player (Hardware Version 002)
    PCI Slot - 4 Creative Labs Soundblaster live (Hardware Version 004)
    PCI Slot - 5 Empty

    Hard Drives
    SCSI Drives C,E Seagate ST39140LW Revision 1500
    (Adaptec SCSI Benchmark = 4463)
    SCSI Drives D,F IBM DNES309170W
    Revision RSA30 (Adaptec SCSI Benchmark = 4243)
    SCSI Yamaha CRW 6416S Burner (Firmware 1.0d)
    "A" Drive
    Matshita LS120 Floppy Drive (Version 5)
    19" LG Monitor
    3Com External 56K Professional Message Modem
    Win98SE Ver 4.10.2222 A
    MS-DOS Ver 7.10 A
    Office 2000
  17. I've had my A7M266 based new sys running now for 2 weeks without a hitch.
    My old P3-500 P3B-f based system isn't even this stable, and I've got all 5 PCI slots filled in this new baby!!!!
    I'm in love :-)

    1.2c Athlon
    Global WIN FOP32-1 cpu heatsink
    350watt Enhance Power supply
    256MB TwinMOS (Hyundai) PC-2100 ram
    SBlive! Value
    Asus AGP-7700 32mb Deluxe(Geforce2 GTS)
    Seagate 40GB ATAIII Barracuda 7200rpm

    The other 4 PCI slots are filled with an Internal 56K modem, 2 NIC's and a SCSI card for my scanner.

    Don't be turned off by the unlucky few that have had a bad run.
  18. I guess I'll add my voice to the group. My configuration is below. I've been running it for a month without any problems with the FSB set to 133 MHz. I pushed it up to 144 MHz and it still ran okay, but I started to get booted out of NHL 2001. I set it back to 133 MHz since it's already plenty fast and haven't had any problems since. I don't think you should worry about the board, it should be stable.

    1.2 GHz Athlon/266
    Asus A7M266 rev 1.04 motherboard
    Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro
    256 MB PC2100 RAM (2 x 128 MB sticks)
    Philips Acoustic Edge sound card
    2 x 40 GB W. Digital hard drives in RAID 0
    Promise FastTrak100 RAID controller
    TDK 16/10/40 VeloCD
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