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I am running a computer with ME Opr/System and going to switch to a new computer with XP. I have alot of web sites stored in my Internet Explorer - Favorites. Does anyone know how I could backup my favorites onto a file and restore my them into my new computer? Thanks in advance for any help :>, Setdhook
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  1. Save first from your pervious Windows installation on a CD or floppy:

    <b>File > Import/Export > Export Favorites > [ the whole folder “Favorites”] > Export to a file or address > Finish</b> ,

    and then restore on your new Windows installation :

    <b>File > Import/Export > Import Favorites > ... Finish </b>.

    All Windows versions, actually IE are compatible on that.
  2. Thanks NickM :> - I appreciate your quick response.
  3. hehe, just find that folder in documents (start, search, favo*, open containing folder) and copy da whole thing somewhere, then copy paste it into XP user's profiles da whole thing again (overwrite "Yes";)

    Have fun.

    Yeah, and you can keep da whole thing somewhere all the time, when you need it just copy/paste again.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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