How to install frontlines fuel of war to pc to windows xp

i need help on my game it is frontilens fuel of war it installs it but when i click it to play it . it asks me if i want to install an update that is online when i click on it nothing opens up and when i click that i dont whant it opens up and on my screen ( the game ) and it says tha the game needs to be closed because of problems any help?
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  1. Is your game legit?
  2. add it to your firewall exemptions. because it cant update it wont work.
    1s it reaches the server it will auto download the update. quit the game and apply it.
  3. Download patches from

    and then see if games work ok, I played it under XP/W7 without issues.
  4. toms does not condone or supply info on how to install pirated games...
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