Too much RAM - Please Help!

I've put a new 128 MB SDRAM (133 MHz)
to my old Acorp 5TX52 mainboard (CPU: Intel P233MMX, VGA:
TSENG-ET6000 PCI). But I have just realized that I caused a
lot of problems! (I used to have 2x32 MB SDRAM, but it went

1) As I've read somewhere the TX mainboard can only
cache up 64 MBs of RAM and the 128 MB slowed down my
computer! (For example in the Norton Utilities Benchmark it
only reaches 42, it used to be 58!). I don't know if the
situation is so bad in the reality?! Most of the time I
play with games like FIFA2000 and use a 3Dfx card.

2) The mainboard manual says that it supports SDRAMS up to
64 MB. (But it seems it doesn't cause problems). I couldn't
find a BIOS Update for my "old" mainboard at

Is there a solution (for example disabling the half of the RAM with a program?)
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  1. That really sucks. Sorry, I can only give simpathy to this one.

    Take Care.
    What the heck was that all about!
  2. Get smaller RAM Modules.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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