Quick question guys :

Right now I have a Phenom II x2 3,2 Ghz BE ( no, it cant be unlocked) + HD 5770 1Gb video card ( + 6 Gb RAM and so on, less important)

What should I upgrade first ? What is the weakest piece of hardware between GPU and CPU right now. The upgrades would be Phenom II x4 or HD 6850

Oh and please dont jump at me to let me know that both suck and should be replaced. I`m less than a casual gamer, I bought this whole system only to be able to play Starcraft II on ultra settings. God knows when I will play again, but in the meantime, why not upgrade it if I have some spare change.

So any idea on this ?
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  1. Def ur cpu as of right now, ur graphics can still run games decently since its still a 1gb, i currently have a hd 6850 and its not much of a huge leap imo
  2. Deathsagaxx is right, your GPU is still quite good at the moment, whereas the CPU is a little behind in terms of quality.

    Another thing you should consider is that if you're running a 32-bit OS, then your PC won't take advantage of any more than 3.5GB of your 6GB RAM :)
  3. Get a AMD six core.
  4. id actually wait for bulldozer series, the eight core 4.2 turbo boost is going to be the diggy dang bomb, not to mention it isnt SUPER high priced like intel
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