cant get cd rom working on ide2 please help

Hopefully, this is just a stupid question and I have overlooked the obvious, but I just received a new MSI K7T? pro motherboard and Toshiba 12x DVD ROM. When I hook the harddrive up as primary on IDE1 the system boots fine, but when I hook the DVD ROM up on primary IDE2 the system wont recognizes. it. The jumper on the DVD is set to master. If I move my dvd-rom ide cable over to IDE1, that being the only variable changed, the system recognizes. it, without the hard drive hooked up. What is going on here? Did I miss a setting in the BIOS/cmos? Thanks.

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  1. What about putting the HD on IDE 2? Does the system recognize it then? If not, I suspect your IDE 2 is disabled in your BIOS or otherwise suspect.

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  2. As soon as i posted this I returned to the other system and it booted and saw the DVD Rom drive, so I installed windows and it restarted etc. I was working in WIN 98 and hit restart, when I did it was gone, as soon as it appeared. What do I do, is it something on the mobo? Please help.

  3. I checked everything in the bioand it seems to be correct, what about on the MSI K7 Turbo Mobo? Any dip switches, jumpers, etc?
  4. When I put the Hard Drive on IDE 2 and the CD Drives on IDE 1 the system works fine. Why is this?

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